What we offer:

Potchefstroom StudenteBehuising is a rental/sales agency especially for students. We rent to students from all institutions (PUK-University, Vuselela, CTU and CTI ). We have a wide variety of flats and rooms in student communes. We also offer cleaning and maintenance services.

- Rooms in student communes (Price between R1850 - R2200);
- Flats, Bachelors up to 3 bedrooms (Price between R2800 - R6000);
- We supply cleaning services( Washing and cleaning);
- Maintenance and repair;
- Sales of Student Flats;
- We manage property.

How are prices structured and when does the contract start?

Rooms and flats range in price according to the distance from the university, the closer they are the more they cost. Rental contracts are always for a 1 year period and are valid from 1 December to 30 November. the distance from campus ranges between 300m and 1.8km. Distances are measured from the closest gate.

When should I start looking for accommodation?

The ideal time would be about 4 to 6 months before the next term starts.

Whats the difference between a student commune and a flat?

a Student commune is a house that has been converted in such a way that each student has his/her own room. Every room has it's own alarm and the bathrooms are communal. Some communes also offer a bachelours or a single bedroom flat that does not form part of the house.
We have a wide variety of flats available in security complexes where cleaning services are optional.

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